Saint Francis was founded in South College Station as mission of the Diocese of Texas in 1984. The stfrancis_logo_1983people of St. Francis began their vibrant start using local schools and other secondary venues until they were able to build the building on Rock Prairie where they now reside. Until then, they met in each others homes and reached out to the community in numerous ways. Once they were established in their new facilities, the people of St. Francis remembered that they too were once without a building and sought to share their new home to meet the needs of the community. Today we are a community of diverse people who seek to know Jesus, share in each others joys, lament together in our sorrows, and to respond faithfully to a world in need.


St Francis has been served by two vicars and two rectors over the course of its thirty year history. Each has brought their own aesthetic to the worship for the people of St. Francis. Yet what remains constant is a faithful people who appreciate and love liturgy, music, and openness to God’s Holy Spirit.

St Francis has also dedicated itself to the practice of serving their neighbors. Much of this has been done quietly over the years, yet what cannot be denied is P_communionbreadthat St. Francis is a small church with a big heart. From food pantries and crop walks to pet blessings and vaccination drives, the people of St Francis have sought many ways to serve the community around them.DSCN1617M