Saint Francis is a community of faithful people who choose to journey together. We are all brought here by different circumstances, but at this moment we walk the pilgrim’s path together. We offer opportunities to learn and explore, to worship, and to serve others.

Saint Francis is an Episcopal Church. This means that we are part of a larger national communion of parishes across the United States and in nearby countries. These relationships remind us that we are more than just our own particular set of beliefs and actions, but that we are called to be in relationship with our fellow Episcopalians in California, Georgia, North Dakota, New York, and many other places. Furthermore, we are also in a formal relationship with other national churches like the Lutherans (ELCA).

Saint Francis is an Anglican Church. This means that we are part of world wide family of churches. We know that every time we gather in worship, hear the word of God in scripture, take, bless, break and give the bread of communion, that we do so with Anglicans across the globe. While the relationship may be less formal than it is for our fellow Episcopalians, it is no less important.

Saint Francis has played an important role in many people’s lives throughout its short history, and we know that it can play an important part in your life too.