What to Expect

What to expect when visiting for the first time…

Our primary worship service is at 10:30am. However, there is also a traditional service with no music held at 8:00am in St. Clare Chapel.

If you have children you are welcome at any service. We offer a Children’s chapel during our primary worship service at 10:30am. (for more info click here.) We also believe that children are an important part of the community and should be part of our worshiping life together. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to keep their children in the worship service. We do understand that sometimes children can be disruptive and rambunctious, but the added noise is a welcome sign of a growing and vibrant community. If you must, you can take your child outside for a momentary cool down, but please come back.

St. Francis is across from College Station Middle School and immediately next to a pediatric dentistry center. You might notice our sign with the Episcopal Shield out front. The building sits far back on the property and by the time you see the building you have probably passed the driveway. For more explicit directions click here. Please take a parking spot close to the entrance!

The main entrance to the church is on the left hand side as you face the building from the parking lot. You enter through the double doors underneath the portico. Here you will be greeted by our hosts and offered a hymnal and service bulletin. When they recognize you as a visitor, the hosts may ask that you consider filling out a visitor’s card. Don’t feel like you have to, and if you would rather just get to know us first, then feel free to decline the offer.

The service bulletin has everything you need to participate in the service, but if you need any help understanding ask one of the hosts. However, a lot can be learned by watching what others are doing, and it is likely that someone who notices that you are new and unfamiliar with our worship will assist you.

Worship in the Episcopal Church is participatory: we respond together, we pray together, and we sing together as a community. Other churches might be the kind of places where you sit and passively receive or listen, but we are not one of those churches. The sermon is usually conversational and often relates through story rather than church doctrine. But the sermon also aspires to enlighten, open us to deeper questions, and listen to the ways through which God speaks into our lives.

Finally, worship is also about more than just hearing or speaking, in the Episcopal church we taste and see the Lord’s presence in the bread and wine. All are invited to receive communion. If you have not been baptized, we encourage you to receive communion, but we also ask that you consider being baptized and will help you begin to walk that path.

Once the service is complete, we hope you will stick around for a few minutes and join us for a cup of coffee and a conversation or two. If it is the first Sunday of the month we hope you will join us for our monthly potluck meal.

Hope to see you soon. If you have any questions, please fill the form out below or call the church office.

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